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Care and Support at home

Spitex Puls24 - What do we offer? 

You can order the services of SPITEX Puls24, for example, in the event of physical and mental illnesses, age-related complaints, after accidents, childbirth or in case of difficulties during pregnancy.

Domesitc help or medical care - do you need help?

Qualified specialists look after, care for and support people of all ages at home. SPITEX Puls24 also supports and relieves caring family members and relatives.

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Services and offers provided by Spitex Puls24

Care, help, assistance, and support at home

  • Clarification of the need for care

  • Advice, mentoring on services/offers

  • Help with personal hygiene and body care

  • Help in encouragement and maintaining mobility (get out of bed in the morning and go to sleep)

  • Preparation and administration of medication

  • Pain therapy/ treatment

  • Care of wounds

  • Medical supervision such as measuring blood sugar and blood pressure etc.

  • Accompanying dying persons

a women helps an old man off the bed
a women cleans the house for the old lady

Support in household chores:

  • Cleaning assistance for the apartment

  • Help with shopping

  • Preparation of breakfast, lunch and/or dinner

  • Help with the laundry


  • Meal services

  • Driving and accompanying missions (visits to the doctor, shopping)

  • Medical equipment (such as crutches, inhalation devices or wheelchairs) - for rent

Other services such as psychiatric care, care in the event of cancer or incurable diseases are also provided.

Covered by the health insurance

Medical care services are covered by the compulsory health insurance. This requires a prescription for Spitex services issued by a doctor.

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What is not covered by the health insurance?

Housekeeping assistance is not covered by the basic health insurance. For this, many health insurance companies provide a supplementary insurance. Find out more about this possibility with your health insurance company. If you receive supplementary benefits, the municipality often pays a share of the expenses for housekeeping.

What does the client have to pay himself/herself?

  • 10% of the cost of medical care e cost of medical care services (franchise of health insurance)

  • Annual franchise (co-payment) of the health insurance company

  • Patient contribution in care services (depending on the canton - maximum amount of CHF 15.95 per day)

  • The expenses of housekeeping assistance

a Swiss map in which the canton of Zurich, Lucerne, Solothurn, Schwyz & Aargau are highlighted in red

Spitex Puls24 operate in the canton of

Zurich, Lucerne, Solothurn, Schwyz and Aargau

Your 5 advantages if choosing SPITEX Puls 24:

  • 1.

    Private Spitex services are more individual, flexible and adaptable

  • 2.

    Private Spitex is not more expensive

  • 3.

    Private Spitex must provide even more values and proof of quality

  • 4.

    Private Spitex are based on the people to be cared for and not only on the "effective need"

  • 5.

    Private Spitex services concentrate on the person to be cared for and not just on the "effective need"

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